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Personal Loans

A Personal loan is an Unsecured loan with a fixed payment schedule that requires minimum payments to be made on a specified due date. One would normally apply for these loans to consolidate debts such as school fees, overdrafts or any other financial obligations.

Unlike secured loans where the monies lent should be applied to a principle debt, a Personal loan can be used for any need and can be utilised as you see fit. The fact that you do not need collateral makes it very easy when applying for a Personal loan.

The biggest advantage with a Personal loan is the fact that you can budget with certainty on your monthly repayment installments seeing that your installment will stay constant throughout the loans term. You also have the benefit of settling your loans at any stage without incurring any penalties.

Micro loans

A Micro loan is the provision of financial services to lower-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers who traditionally lack access to banking and related services. These loans are normally Unsecured loan and provide the consumer access to credit where banks normally decline. Micro loans are collateral free which in essence protects the assets of the consumer.

Micro loans are designed to spur entrepreneurship for any person aspiring to become a small business owner and to empower people to rise above their circumstances.

Blacklisted Loans

Being blacklisted does not disqualify anyone from obtaining a Personal loan or Micro loan. Every loan is evaluated individually. A Consumer therefore falls within a certain credit rating and can still qualify for a loan even though he has bad credit against his or her name.

When used wisely a Blacklisted loan can help consumers to settle existing debt and prevent further bad credit. These loans can therefore assist the consumer to get back on their feet.

Commission Earners Welcome

Being a commission earner does not disqualify you from applying for a Personal loan.
In fact, apart from the required documents the only additional information we need is one extra month’s bank statements and two extra payslips so that we can calculate your average net income.

Cash in your account within 24 hours.

When your loan application form together with the required documents has been submitted, the process will take about 24 hours to complete. Once we have approved your application the money will be sent to your account immediately. Our client’s needs are of the utmost importance and we therefore strive to complete every application as quick and effortlessly as possible.

What documents you need to apply

Clear copy of your South African ID

Bank Statements

  • 2 Months Bank statements for basic (fixed) salary earners
  • 3 Months Bank statements for commission earners


  • 1 Months Payslip for basic (fixed) salary earners
  • 3 Months Payslip for commission earners